Year : 2019    
Duration : 9 months
Type : Google Network Display / Social Medias / Subscription Service Website
Agency : Wondersauce
Development : Wondersauce
Client : Scotts
Role : Visual Design / Motion Graphic / UI Design
Tools Used :  Photoshop / After Effects / Sketch

The Scotts company manufactures and sells consumer lawn, garden and pest control products. In the U.S. They own the product lines such as, Scotts, Miracle-Gro, Bonnie, Ortho, Roundup, AeroGarden, MG12, and KnockKnock. Scotts first tasked Wondersauce with the GDN and social media ads for their product lines. Then, they also tasked the website design and development for the two new properties, and KnockKnock and MG12.

I worked closely with Producers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Developers and UX Strategists to perform sketching, conceptualizing and developing the intuitive interface and creating the contents for use in the GDN and the social medias, also website and mobile in responsive design. 

Miracle-Gro is a subsidiary brand under the Scotts brand, offering a product line focused a plant food. It is commonly used in gardens and houseplants. I created their dynamic and static designs both for GDN, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

AeroGarden Facebook Carousels

Scotts tasked Wondersauce with the unique design and development for their new brand, KnockKnock, a quarterly plant subscription service. We designed and developed the site to make the CMS management seamless; making it easy for Scotts to understand how users are interacting with the site. And, also designed the flow and interface base on the Shopify and Recharge api for the recurring subscription payment system.